Precast factories & plants

[Translate to English:] LOW COST HOUSING

[Translate to English:] ,precast plant, circulating pallets, Vollert, Weckenmann, Sommer, EBAWE

Precast factories & plants


Tilting tables 3.4 x 6.76 m[more]

Precast factories & plants

Wall production line - ACOTEC

Complete production line for extruded hollow core slabs and hollow walls. Ideal as lightweight dividing walls (made by LECA aso.), but also for to build affordable homes. Thickness: 70 - 140 mm, element width: 300 oder 600 mm,...[more]

Filigree- and double wall plants

Circulation plant for concrete pre-cast elements

Multifunctional production line for pre-cast or semi pre-cast elements like walls, slabs and filigree slabs.[more]

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